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Who and What is California School Choice?

The California School Choice Foundation

936 E. Green St. #113, Pasadena Ca, 91106

(626) 792-1772   email; [email protected]


We are a grass roots, all volunteer organization based in Pasadena Ca.

CSC is independent and non-partisan. We are not part of any special interest group or political party. We are dedicated to expanding the education opportunities for all K-12 students in California by empowering parents to take advantage of free market solutions. 

Government Schools=Low Test Scores and Social Engineering.

After carefully examining reports posted on file with the California Department of Education and other sources, we discovered that government (public) schools policies and curriculum resulted in California’s K-12, students having some of the lowest test scores in math, science, reading and writing in the industrialized world. This bad performance was across all socio-economic groups. Many of the policies and textbooks engage in social engineering and are in opposition to our founding principles. Unless parents can afford to send their children to a high performing private, parochial or perhaps home school, their students can become trapped by their zip code in a failing government school.

There is a Proven Solution.

The only solution is to enable parents to enroll their children in schools that best suit their special talents and needs while better reflecting the values of their parents. This can be done by taking all the Proposition 98 State funding for education, divide it equally among all California K-12 students, with the money to be deposited for each student in their very own Education Savings Account. (ESA) That money can only be used to directly pay all or part of the tuition of the school that they are attending. Funds not spent will accumulate and may be used for college or vocational training. Competition will improve performance and lower costs. 

We believe that School Choice is the greatest issue of our time.

At this time, we are engaged in three activities.

  1. Securing the support of interested parties, donors and volunteers by encouraging the signing of our on-line petition of interest in School Choice.
  2. Educating the public using our website, by hosting special information sharing events, posting videos and articles and making use of mass emails and social media.
  3. Advocating for the qualification of a voter initiative with a working title of “The Education Freedom Act” for the Nov. 2022 election.

  4. California School Choice Foundation is a California Nonprofit Corporation.  Application for certification of tax-exempt status under IRS 501(c)(4) pending.  Contributions are not currently tax-deductible.