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Home School FAQ

Welcome to Frequently Asked Questions about Home Schooling. 

We would like to thank HSDLA, California Home School Network and CHEA for many of the questions and answers offered on this page. 

California has three organizations that can help you on your journey to homeschool. They are the Christian Home Educators Association, Homeschool Association of California, and California Homeschool Network.

This is probably the most commonly voiced concern about homeschooling. There are plenty of opportunities for homeschoolers to socialize. In the world of homeschooling there is generally less worrisome influences of drugs, gangs, sexual pressures and violence. Learn more at National Home Education Research Institute.

Studies have shown that home-schooled children test above average regardless of income, race, or parents level of education. Click to Read Story.


Absolutely! You can customize the education to your child's needs. Homeschool organizations are ready to help. 

Yes. It is happening with single parent homes, working couples, special needs, traveling families, etc. There is no monopoly on education with the advent of the internet. The fastest growing demographic to embrace homeschooling is the Hispanic community. 

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American Institutes for Research