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Which Candidates are For or Against School Choice


We Asked our Candidates if They Supported School Choice

For Against

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  • David Hillberg
    commented 2021-09-12 15:38:47 -0700
    I am David Hillberg a Governors Candidate ,you should have made contact with all our candidates last month .I only found out about you all today the Sunday before the election .. a few candidates are opposed to this and some are for ..I for one want the parents to be more involved with your local schools and do the work from below in mass ,,as I go to Sacramento to arrest all those law breakers within our halls of power ,, I know the teachers union wields too much voice and power in our legislature ( like many activist contributors, lobbyists, lawyers and such)… I plan during my arrests investigations will commence with the campaign donation irregularities and cash passing, I will then issue warrants to those contributors who swayed the legislature into this mess we see today . our current teachers union will be decertified in its current form and broken up like ATT in the past .. into smaller representative units ..Calpers and Calstrs should be unaffected only the unions power over governance you asking me of the question direct ,maybe if you google my name you might see all but school choice cause I don’t remember it coming up ,,my platform is our State Constitution under responsibilities of governor ..which mainly is enforcing law and supporting the State constitution and that of the US ,so after I throw these massive amounts of human waste in prison then the citizens will have a voice again and justice from these tyrants.. did you hear about the 8 cents a mile tax now in effect? our legislature is really looking out for us all ..
  • Bobbi-n-Ray Hazelton
    commented 2021-07-13 17:16:14 -0700
    I still don’t see any information of which candidates are “for” and “against” CA School Choice! ????