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Illiteracy Pays... $50 Million

"I'll take FAIL for $50 million, Alex..."

Well, it's no way to run a railroad, but illiteracy pays.  $50 million.

The State of California was sued by a class of primary school children.  The court found the State of California 'guilty' of not equipping the children with basic reading skills.

Who got the $50 million? 

It wasn't the children who today do not have basic reading skills and have to face life in a highly competitive world... unable to read.

It was the schools that failed to educate these children.  These schools already had $22,000 per child per year...  to educate each and every child they were responsible for.  Now they get even more money to further fail our children.  We're skeptical that we should throw good money after bad to failing schools.

What we're not skeptical about is that this is absolute, legal proof that California cannot educate our children.

Nice work if you can get it. 

Abjectly fail to educate, win $50 million.

Read the whole story.

(tip o' the hat to EdSource)



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