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Terry Hudgins

Faith-based education must be preserved as our right!!

My wife and I have been blessed to be able to send our children through school at Catholic and Faith-based elementary and secondary education schools. While it was not always easy it was our commitment to see them establish their lives on the firm foundat
Twyla Hudgins
About Terry

Marxist's and socialist's are trying to take away our rights to educate our children in the manner that parents desire. These people and the Teacher's Unions believe that they know what is best for our children, and they can raise them better than we can. This is a lie. With recent events around the introduction of SEXXX education, Critical Race Theory, Ethnic Studies and the LGBTQ agenda in school curriculum, I know parents care much more for their children than allow them to be subjected to this evil agenda that deviates so profoundly from our Judeo-Christian roots and values. It is time to amend the California Constitution via this initiative to preserve our values, our children, and our choices.

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